“I started from the underground and worked my way up,”

– George Green

George Green is a passionate motivational speaker from New York City who inspires with words and his dedication to giving back to the community. He overcame his troubled childhood by leaving the city to attend college at Auburn University. With the love and encouragement of his family, George earned his Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in English and Psychology.
During college he began working as an intern in the music industry and has had a career in the industry spanning 20 years, culminating in the role of tour manager for globally renowned hip-hop artists including Jay Z and Kanye West.

“I started from the underground and worked my way up,” said George during his early days in the music industry. He has continued to work his way up ever since. When it comes to belief that success can truly allow one to give back, he has followed through on his philosophy with his continuing motivational support and humanitarian efforts. George brings a message of encouragement, empowerment and compassion. He is a voice for the youth that they understand and are able to trust and relate to.
George’s speaking engagements have taken him to college campuses, high schools, and centers for troubled teens and young adults where he discusses violence, youth empowerment, and lessons that he has learned throughout his life. His vast audiences are comprised of those from diverse cultures, nationalities, and religions, and he relates to and encourages his listeners to expand their views and foster their abilities to change the direction of their lives.

His career in motivational speaking and music and his charitable work has afforded George the great privilege of traveling the world. He has visited some of the poorest regions in the world and met with thousands of young people experiencing violence, oppression and poverty. He has the ability to relate to these young people who connect with him due to his own life experiences.

George is also now a published author, having spent the last four years writing and working on a series of children’s books, Childhood Champions. The first story, No Ordinary Day was published in 2017 and to date has received rave reviews.


  • New York City, New York
  • info@iamgeorgegreen.com