The Block

The Block
The Block
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On a recent visit to Sydney, Australia, I visited an area in Redfern known as The Block, where  I stumbled upon a group of protesters.  After meeting with them and listening to them, I soon discovered this is an Aboriginal community whose story is important and worth sharing.

The Aboriginal Housing Company was given control of The Block in the 1970’s with the intention of developing affordable housing.

The Block is now the subject of a dual phase re-development, the first phase includes retail and office spaces as well as student accommodation.  The second phase is to include housing for Aboriginals.  However, the community is afraid that the housing units will never eventuate, and they’ve set up a tent embassy in protest, to stop private developers from continuing.

It was an honor to meet Auntie Jenny and her grandson Jason who are leading the protest, fighting for affordable housing and continued ownership of the land.