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Letter from Hajj
  • George Green
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Bismillah (In the name of Allah the beneficent and merciful) I bear witness that no sporting event nor religion BUT Islam can bring all 12 tribes of humanity together, every culture, ethnicity, every language and people from every continent as pilgrims to perform this sacred pilgrimage Hajj in the ancient Holy Land for the oneness of God as Muslims.

I bear witness that nothing can prepare the pilgrim whom Allah invites to embark upon this sacred journey. By far Hajj has been the most challenging but rewarding experience I've ever endured in my 38 young years. This spiritual journey named Hajj represents struggle and patience. One of the humbling things about this pilgrimage I've learned is your job title or financial status cannot purchase you comfort nor allow one to by pass the challenges this spiritual journey has before you. Your amongst the poor, dignitaries, kings, diplomats, billionaires, millionaires and some of the most recognized people globally and financially.

Each pilgrim, 3 million strong were forced to play as a team, be resourceful, lean on brothers or sisters from different tribes to pull through, want for your brother or sister what you would want for yourself, cry with one another, worship with one another, struggle with one another, help your brother or sister with patience, sleep on the ground with one another on cement, sand and rocks, laugh with one another and most of all laugh and eat with one another. Now how beautiful is this amongst 3 million brothers and sisters from all tribes that Allah has created?

How humbling is it to bear witness to the Kaaba (very first worshipping site known to man). How humbling is it to stand on mountain Jabal An Nour where our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his 1st revelation of the blessed Quran visited by the angel Gabriel. How humbling is it to bare witness to mountain Arafat and make dua (pray) there? How humbling is it to visit the Prophets (PBUH) mosque to pray and bare witness to where Muhammed (PBUH) rests in peace subhanAllah (Glory Be to Allah).

Each day and hour spent in this Holy Land enabled me to reflect on how much time I waste in this worldly life looking for entertainment vs. praising Allah and thinking about what happens in the afterlife. Our job titles, cars, homes or wealth will not crossover in the grave. Once your shell is hit it's OVER the reality has been sealed.

It's natural for humans no matter the religious affiliation to have their Iman (faith) fluctuate up and down. This is when Allah tests us. This invitation from Allah has allowed me to prepare for travel back to my country with high Iman, reflection upon my future, conscious of patience and a clean slate.

Each pilgrim here has been hand picked by the mercy of Allah. As I sobb and cry to Allah thanking him for changing my heart, lifestyle but having mercy upon me in finding the beautiful Deen of Islam. This letter is just my thoughts being written down as I sit here in the Holy City Mekkah reflecting upon this unbelievable experience so I just felt compelled to share.

May Allah grant me the highest form of Jannah in the after life, accept all my dua's (prayers) and intentions. May Allah continue to purify my heart with peace, love and growth. May Allah reward me for all my efforts. Whomever takes the time to read this May Allah bless you and your family.

"All praise due to Allah The Lord of the Worlds"


Al-Hajj George Green

Love the youth!
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Enjoyed the youth in Toronto, Canada for the "Stop the gun violence tour" August 2012.